Campus Parking


Campus Parking


Student parking spaces are marked with white lines. Faculty and staff spaces are marked with red lines. Designated parking lots and the top floors of garages (top two floors in Traditions and Pensacola garages) are available as overnight parking. On weekends and on weekdays after 4:30 PM, anyone can park between any unreserved colored lines or use metered spaces for free! Nose in parking only. Find game day and event parking maps at


Visitors can park in any parking meter on campus, in the University Center Visitor Lot (hourly rates apply), or purchase a visitor parking permit. Visitor permits are available at our office in the Woodward Parking Garage, the University Center Visitor Lot, or online at

FSU Parking app logoPARKING APP

Monitor available parking garage capacity with the free FSU Parking app. Available though the myFSU Mobile App.


Order your permit online at

To register your vehicle for a virtual permit:
1. Collect your vehicle information (license plate number, vehicle year, make and model).
2. Go to and log in with your FSUID and password.
3. Click “Get Permits” and then “Next”.
4. Select the appropriate permit.
5. Check the “I have read and understand” box and then click “Next”.
6. After completion, your permit information will be listed under “View Your Account permits”.
7. If the appropriate vehicle is not listed, edit an existing vehicle or choose “Add Vehicles to Permit” to enter a new vehicle. If the vehicle you are attempting to register is already in the system, you will not be able to associate the vehicle with your permit. Please contact Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) to correct the issue.

New students may order 24 hours after registering for class.
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